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"Sophisticated Elegance and State of the Art Solutions."

Locomotive Ltd. is a joint venture of three different companies that joined together to form a new enterprise for international project managment and design. Our company specializes in architectural project management. We strive to invigorate the environment that interacts with people's minds and souls, and to do that in an aesthetically pleasing fashion. In combining simplicity with sophisticated elegance and state of the art solutions, and by way of applying an ontological approach to space and form, we combine knowledge, ideas and experiences that integrate and blend to form new paradigms in design.

Locomotive approaches each project through a diverse ideological analogy. Through comprehensive research and consideration for the envisioned environment and a clear understanding of the building site, we manifest our client’s dreams and ambitions while exploring new ways of enhancing the design. We like to combine cutting edge science with history, philosophy and psychology, as we think the building has an effect on the psyche, while the contrary also holds true.

Locomotive provides project management and architectural solutions together with design and financial packages. We are a customer oriented design company, on-boarding our clients wishes and then turning them into visualizations, designs, concept developments and solutions.Utilizing a foundation of robust knowledge and experience in all the essential fields, we are able to deliver high quality end products and projects all around the globe together with our partners..


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Architectural Project Management Integration

Locomotive was established in 2016. Our firm is a project management integration consultancy providing multi-disciplinary project management and information services for the architectural industry.

We strive towards improving the value and usability of your products and processes through interdisciplinary project management and technical communication. Our offshore solutions, in combination with our local customer service, provide our customers with clear advantages in terms of competence, cost efficiency and high quality.

Thanks to our solid global experience, we are able to achieve the results needed. We like to think that Locomotive’s added value comes through our ability to understand your – and your customers’ – visions, needs and occupational traditions. Our goal is to make you succeed and to become your preferred business partner.

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